In The Netherlands, we have high quality drinking water that allows you to drink water straight from the tap without getting sick. However, the same water contains many micro-organisms that could even be fatal in some situations.

Conpro developed a chemical disinfection technique ensuring 100% legionella-free drinking water systems. This way, we contribute to the existing control and protection plans. After all, when the measured CFU values are too high this requires accurate measures, not only requirements such as adding gatekeepers; the system also needs to be cleaned. The Conpro method is a proven method, rigorous but 100% effective.

In case a contaminated system is reported, this will become our main priority. In fact, in some events our staff will stop what they were doing to be able to focus on the reported case immediately. A plan of action will be drawn up together with all parties involved and after unanimous approval of these parties, this plan will be carried out. Often, the Conpro specialists start working on the case within several hours, which highlights their professionalism and commitment.

In addition to this service, Conpro can also provide various facilities, like mobile sanitation and the delivery of bottled drinking water.

Below, several additional Conpro services are listed:

  • Risk analysis & control plan
  • Drawing
  • Water samples
  • System adjustments
  • Valve check-up
  • Implementation control measures