Air Handling Unit

Air handling units can be seen as the lungs of your building; the right level of heating, cooling, relative humidity and ventilation is crucial for a healthy working environment. This requires a properly maintained system. Conpro’s maintenance plan complements the work of the mechanical engineer where necessary. Your system can be cleaned and disinfected but also fully reconditioned.

All Conpro disciplines are united in the overhaul of air handling units. From chemical industrial cleaning and conserving of components and heatexchangers to replacing the old components with new ones, often of a higher quality; Conpro staff are trained and equipped to carry out these procedures. Reconditioning and overhauling activities can serve as alternatives for replacement and often turn out to be more economical than replacement.

The entire system can be chemically cleaned and disinfected, a procedure that will remove all the microbiological pollution. The air-heat exchangers can be maintained by applying the PROGREEN® H2O ECO surface treatment. For walls and other construction parts our staff use various water-based industrial maintenance products, offering a break-resistant and shockproof protection against corrosion. Floor components can be provided with a special poured coating that makes them liquid tight, smooth and seamless. This makes them very easy to clean yourself.

Pulverised or damaged isolation will be professionally removed by our staff and new insulation with a tight cell structure will be applied. This isolation does not absorb fluids or pulverise, which in turn prevents irritating particles ending up in the conditioned rooms through the air ducts.

The cleaning and disinfection activities can be analysed by an external lab if desired.

Below, several additional Conpro disciplines are listed:

  • Replacing ventilator and engine ball-bearings
  • Engine alignment
  • Replacing pulleys and V-belts
  • Contact / air samples