Air ducts

Air ducts are often hidden in offices. However, these ducts strongly affect the air quality in the offices and in turn the performance of the people working in these offices. Conpro can clean and disinfect these ducts for you, which will result in a higher air quality and possibly a lower absenteeism rate.

Air ducts strongly affect the health of their users. Often, these ducts are the first to be installed in a new building, upon which they are forgotten to be cleaned. The (microbiological) pollution can have a major impact on your staff’s health and can even increase your absenteeism rate. Conpro can investigate the condition of the air inside your building by means of different types of inspections and air samples (carried out by an external accredited laboratory). Conpro carries out the cleaning activities in various ways, from compressed air/brush techniques to manual cleaning. The situation determines the method. Each situation is unique but they all have one thing in common: they are perfectly clean after we are done with them.

Grease extractors:

You can also turn to Conpro for cleaning your grease extractors. After the cleaning work is done, you will receive a hygiene certificate with photos to submit to the insurance company.