Chemical cleaning

Air/heat exchangers are located in different kinds of environments and exposed to various atmospheres. Since the air sucked into the exchangers contains all kinds of atmospheric pollution such as salt crystals, sulphur and small street refuse, they become dirty. In order to maintain the systems, these air/heat exchangers need to be chemically cleaned on a regular basis.


Conpro has 2 types of glycols: propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Conpro offers both pure/undiluted glycol and a mixture of water and glycol in any frost protection level needed, starting from 25 litres up to bulk packages. Conpro glycols are always inhibited!


PROGREEN® surface treatment can be used for corrective and preventive maintenance as a condenser coating, evaporator coating, heating battery coating and cooling battery coating, etc. PROGREEN® surface treatment offers protection against aggressive air influences without affecting the heat transfer.


In The Netherlands, we have high quality drinking water that allows you to drink water straight from the tap without getting sick. However, the same water contains many micro-organisms that could even be fatal in some situations.


Air handling units can be seen as the lungs of your building; the right level of heating, cooling, relative humidity and ventilation is crucial for a healthy working environment. This requires a properly maintained system. Conpro’s maintenance plan complements the work of the mechanical engineer where necessary. Your system can be cleaned and disinfected but also fully reconditioned.

Air ducts

Air ducts are often hidden in offices. However, these ducts strongly affect the air quality in the offices and in turn the performance of the people working in these offices. Conpro can clean and disinfect these ducts for you, which will result in a higher air quality and possibly a lower absenteeism rate.

Water sided cleaning

Water as a conductor, that all sounds very good and ‘natural’ but these systems can also get polluted by sludge and chalk deposits. Cleaning these systems is a special discipline within our organisation and can only be carried out by a few of our staff members.