• Choose between the 2 types of glycols: Propylene or Ethylene glycol.

  • Prevent that your glycol system could freeze and break down.

  • Conpro realizes the correct frost limit.

  • Glycol analysis is an option!


Conpro has 2 types of glycols: propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Conpro offers both pure/undiluted glycol and a mixture of water and glycol in any frost protection level needed, starting from 25 litres up to bulk packages. Conpro glycols are always inhibited!

Temperature fluctuations, evaporation and water refills may affect the frost protection so badly that your glycol system could freeze and break down. Conpro has the products, knowledge and tools to realise the correct frost protection for every glycol system. Sometimes only by adding new glycol, sometimes by refreshing the entire system with a new mixture of water and glycol.

In general, the advice is to refresh the glycol systems after 3 to 5 years. Our advice is to check the glycol systems on regular basis on different parameters, such as the frost protection, viscosity and pH value.

Conpro can also provide glycol analysis, in which samples are evaluated for exact parameters in order to provide you with accurate information on the state of your glycol system.