• Retains your air/heat exchangers.

  • Various types of cleaning are possible.

  • Maintain a properly working system.

  • We use partly biodegradable industrial cleaning products.

Chemical cleaning

Air/heat exchangers are located in different kinds of environments and exposed to various atmospheres. Since the air sucked into the exchangers contains all kinds of atmospheric pollution such as salt crystals, sulphur and small street refuse, they become dirty. In order to maintain the systems, these air/heat exchangers need to be chemically cleaned on a regular basis.

Condenser cleaning, evaporator cleaning, heater battery cleaning, thermal wheel cleaning, cooling battery cleaning, twin coil battery cleaning. All these different kinds of cleaning procedures can be carried out by the trained Conpro staff.

Polluted air/heat exchangers have an immense impact on the performance of the technical equipment. In fact, the pollution can result in a high-pressure malfunction. A chemical cleaning allows the system to operate the way it was designed. This way, you not only prevent an increased usage of electric power, but also an above average extent of wear and tear of the compressors.

In other words: cleaning ensures upholding a properly working system.

During the cleaning process, we use partly biodegradable industrial cleaning products and special cleaning equipment. This allows us to even remove the pollution that is found deep within the exchanger, without damaging the aluminium fins.