• Offers protection against aggressive air influences without affecting the heat transfer.

  • Available in 2 versions, namely the “basic” version and the “H20 ECO” version.

  • Our trained staff are able to apply the PROGREEN® surface treatment on site.

  • Known as a titanium coating.

  • Enjoy a 24-month maintenance-free guarantee!

Progreen® H2O surface treatment

PROGREEN® surface treatment can be used for corrective and preventive maintenance as a condenser coating, evaporator coating, heating battery coating and cooling battery coating, etc. PROGREEN® surface treatment offers protection against aggressive air influences without affecting the heat transfer.

Conpro has developed a special surface treatment to protect condenser batteries, evaporator batteries, heating batteries, cooling batteries and all other air/heat exchangers. This surface treatment offers protection against a wide variety of aggressive atmospheres.

Our trained staff are able to apply the PROGREEN® surface treatment on site, or provide it with a professional touch-up, in case the installation has already been treated with PROGREEN® surface treatment before, using special spray equipment.

Our trained staff can also apply this surface treatment on new (or existing) installations in our workshop, which is provided with an energy-efficient industrial spray/dry cabin, in a completely controlled situation.

The colour

PROGREEN® surface treatment has a very characteristic colour; a metallic shade of green. This colour symbolises innovation, freshness and newness, and is visually easy to verify. This way, we also emphasise our philosophy, aiming to be your transparent partner.

Heat conduction

This special surface treatment has a unique feature: it does not insulate because it contains titanium. This noble metal makes sure the heat is conducted right through the coating without damaging the protecting feature of this surface treatment. Due to this unique feature, PROGREEN® surface treatment is also known as a titanium coating and can even be prescribed as a titanium coating.

Environment and solvent-free

The PROGREEN® surface treatment can also be applied in a fully solvent-free composition. These treatments are known as acrylic varnish treatments. This solvent-free surface treatment is called PROGREEN® H2O ECO and has the same unique features as the ‘standard’ PROGREEN®, the same clear and recognisable colour and the perfect conductive ability. This very special surface treatment allows us to solve every maintenance issue in a low-odour and solvent-free way.


In the utility, you can count on a 24-month warranty, maintenance-free, for both PROGREEN® and the PROGREEN® H2O ECO. After these 24 months, you will receive an automatic reminder and you are provided with non-binding maintenance advice.