• Cleaning watersystems is a special discipline within our organisation.

  • Prevent serious malfunctions of your water installations due to sludge deposits and chalk deposits.

  • During the cleaning procedure, the rinse water is continually monitored.

  • You will receive a waste processing certificate.

Water sided cleaning

Water as a conductor, that all sounds very good and ‘natural’ but these systems can also get polluted by sludge and chalk deposits. Cleaning these systems is a special discipline within our organisation and can only be carried out by a few of our staff members.

Oxygenated water containing chalk can cause various dirt deposits and/or obstructions in the system. These obstructions can seriously affect the performance and cause breakdowns. In order to ensure performance reliability, Conpro can carry out a chemical cleaning procedure on these systems, using specific chemicals and pump systems.

During the cleaning procedure, the rinse water is continually monitored for its iron and copper levels, pH level and acid percentage. This is essential to timely identify deterioration of the materials. If this is detected during the cleaning procedure, the cleaning process will be stopt and the system will be neutralized.

After the cleaning process the cleaning residues will be collected in special containers and offered to an acknowledged waste processing company. Afterwards, you will receive a waste processing certificate to show that the cleaning residues are removed and destroyed accordance the laws en regulations.